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Antti Paalanen: Meluta

Rockadillo Records ZENCD 2156

Virallinen julkaisupäivä: 26.9.2014 

Antti Paalanen released his third album Meluta by Rockadillo Records 2014 and Westpark Music 2015. This album showcases a musician who is not only a brilliant accordion player but also a composer who takes his instrument to the limit: he screams at the accordion, stomps on the floor, pounds the bellows, and snorts like a raging bull. In Paalanen’s hands, the accordion is a living, breathing trance dance machine.

The music on the Meluta album was created as part of Paalanen’s artistically oriented doctorate focusing on the development of new techniques for playing a traditional instrument. The wild visual dimension is part of the concept: the album’s music videos capture a wonderfully ecstatic slice of Finnish musical madness.  Paalanen’s work Meluta is nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2016.

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