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Antti Paalanen: Rujo


Rockadillo Records ZENCD 2170                                                                               
G-S-A: Westpark Music WP 87384

Antti Paalanen (born 1977) creates his wild music on the simple accordions so familiar to Finnish folk music. Although inspired by tradition, Paalanen has nevertheless created a sound world all his own, where tradition gives way to trance-like minimalism, EDM influenced beats, Siberian throat-singing and controlled and insightful use of modern sound technology. Paalanen’s previous album Meluta was the final component of his artistically oriented doctorate, Bursting bellows – Bisonoric accordion’s bellows rhythmics in composition, which was examined at the Sibelius Academy in 2015. His doctorate focused on writing new music for the bisonoric accordion from the perspective of instrumentality. Melutawas nominated for Teosto prize in Finland and in 2016 for the Nordic Council Music Prize.

The last three years Antti has been touring festivals all over the World – mostly around Europe, but also in places like Canada and Japan. At the same time he has been writing tunes for a new album, which is now finally released. The album title Rujoroughly translates to barbarous, unrefined or coarse.

– This is my truth about music and it is on purpose a bit unrefined at times, Antti says of his music.

Antti´s aim was to bring the sound of his instrument – that was used traditionally in folk music to make people dance – to be a relevant element in modern electronic dance music with a little help from his regular sound engineer Samuli Volanto, modern Finnish pop producers Lauri Halavaaraand Jonas Olssonas well as the guest musicians Teemu Vuorelaon drums andPiia Kleemolaon kantele.

Child In You, originally released as a single with guest vocals, has developed into an anthem, and several more tracks now feature Antti singing in addition to his accordion. On Dance For Me and Elä (Gotta Live) his vocals are thick and coarse, reminiscent of Siberian throat-singing. Both the tribal World Music track Wakamambo (Mambo Horizontal) and softer Hede & emi (Pollination) also benefit from Antti’s simple, repetitive vocals. Pollination is a sad, irresistibly groovy song about climate change – a futuristic love story of two flowers left alone in a World that has no more bees.


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